Why Pick MaddBoss Retail Services?

Have you wondered what your customers see when they visit your business? Is your business clean, safe and inviting to the average customer? How long are your customers waiting for service? Do your employees treat every customer with respect and go the extra mile for them? There are a ton of variables that customers use when deciding where they will shop,eat and do business in the future. The #1 reason that a customer will return is AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! We are committed to give you an fair unbiased 3rd party CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVALUATION to help you give the best customer service possible. When your customer service levels go up so do your sales!

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Would you like more information? Contact us today for a consultation. We will come up with a plan that suits your needs. Customer service is always our #1 priority! We would love to help you focus in on what the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is, and what the average customer sees when visiting your business. 


Who are we?

MaddBoss Retail Services is a Michigan Family Business. We have over 20 years of experience in Retail,Customer Service and Sales Management. We have seen everything from all star employees who keep the customer coming back to employees who give away free goods & services losing you money everyday.